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Brazil, a Novel

Brazil History in Pictures

Part One -Tupiniquin | Portuguese

Part Two - Jesuit | Bandeirante

Part Three - Republicans and Sinners | Sons of the Empire

Part Four - Brazilians | Candangos | Afterword | Family Trees | Maps

Brazil Readers' Guide

Page One - Description | Table of Contents | Plot Summary

Page Two - Plot Summary

Page Three - Characters | People | Settings | Locations | Glossary | Maps | Family Trees

Brazil - Making of a Novel




Brazilian journey | Salvador's one-eyed carpenter

Discovering Brasília

Antonio Conselheiro | Canudos ghosts

Brazil North-East poverty and promise

Voyage on the Amazon river sea

Amazon | A walk in the rain forest cathedral

Ghosts of the Madeira-Mamoré railroad

Rio de Janeiro beyond clichés

Brazil: Paradise, Purgatory, and Hell

In search of Brazilian identity and image

Writing the epic novel of Brazil

Brazil Excerpt

Patient Anthony - The story of a Brazilian slave

The War in Paraguay

What readers say about the epic of Brazil

Visions of Brazil: John Updike, John Dos Passos, Errol Lincoln Uys

Riding the Rails

Letters from the boxcar boys and girls

What life was like during the Great Depression

Hoover's "prodigal children:" Hungry times on mean streets

Civilian Conservation Corps: Saving a Lost Generation of Young Americans

Great Depression Archives - INDEX

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About the Great Depression-era photographs

James A. Michener's Covenant - Secrets of a bestseller

Assignment - "James Michener committed a scarlet literary crime"

Plotting James Michener's novel, The Covenant

Researching James Michener's novel, The Covenant

Researching a historical novel - Examples from James Michener's work

Primary research for Michener's novel, The Covenant

Promised Land of South Africa - Limited or horizonless?

Trekboers of South Africa - Venture to the interior

Debunking myths about the Voortrekker character

Writing James Michener's novel, The Covenant

Collaborating on a manuscript with James Michener

James Michener on a frontier of historical fiction

How a Boer girl's story inspired James A. Michener's work

Notes on Apartheid in James Michener's novel, The Covenant

Covenant with Michener - Moment of Truth


Errol Lincoln Uys - Quick read and detailed biography

Errol Lincoln Uys - Press Clippings

Treasure hunter, Thomas Lloys-Ellis: In search of King Lobengula's millions

Boer Girl's Memories of the War

A Boer girl in the South African concentration camps -  Hester Johanna Maria "Joey" Uys